Frequently Asked Questions


How can I pay?

We use PayPal and Stripe as payment processors, so we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance.

Is your site secure?

Absolutely! When you pay, you're sending payment through either PayPal or Stripe, both of whom employ HTTPS and end-to-end data encryption. We never see your payment information, PayPal or Stripe informs us that you've paid, and we ship your stuff!

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy?

Nope! You can pay with your credit card without a PayPal account. 

Shipping and Returns

How long will it take to get my order?

All products are handcrafted and made in small batches, so it takes a bit more time for orders to be processed and shipped. Our usual turn around time for shipping out is around 7 business days, but you can always check the Shipping & Returns page to get the latest turnaround time. 
Once your order is shipped, we can't make any guarantees as to how long it will take as that's at the mercy of shipping (and weather) gods. ;) All of our shipped packages come with tracking though, so you can watch the progress of your package!

Do you offer local pickup?

Folks that are within the Orlando/Central Florida area are more than welcome to pick up their orders. Please note that local pick up does not change the order processing turnaround time. To do local pick up, just check the "local pickup" box during checkout. I'll send you an email when your order is ready with instructions on how to arrange pick up. 

Pick-ups can be done Mon - Sat, excluding holidays. 

Can I return an item?

Because of the nature of the product, I cannot accept returns. However, if something arrives damaged or in a condition that's not as described, please contact me as soon as possible at:
Please remember that all products are handcrafted, so there may be minor differences in color and pattern from the image or previous product orders. 


Are your products [fill in the blank]?

Doom Witch Soaps prides itself on using only the highest ingredients, sourced from ethical vendors, with no animal testing.
None of the intermediate ingredients or components in our products have used animal testing. 

While I/we can't claim that all of our products are vegan, most are vegan friendly. Those products that are not will be clearly labeled. That being said, the only animal components we might use would be animal milk and/or honey. In those cases, the components are sourced from small, preferably local farms with high standards of animal welfare. 

ALL of the colorants used are skin safe, vegan friendly (No carmine), and have not used animal testing.

ALL fragrance components used are skin safe, paraben and phthalate free, vegan friendly and have not used animal testing. 

ALL products will be gluten-free. Always. Yours truly is a celiac, and nothing containing gluten enters my home, production or packing space.

ALL ingredients will always be listed on the website and product packaging, so you can evaluate if a product is right for you and your needs. Because of the space used, I cannot guarantee that any product will be completely free of an allergen (except gluten) that might be present in another product. But if you ever have any questions about ingredients, do not hesitate to reach out!

NONE of our products should be ingested or used internally. Ever. External use only, folks!

Are your products/production practices/packing Eco-friendly?

The short answer: we do the best we can. 

The long answer: We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, from our ingredients and sourcing to production techniques and packaging material.

ALL colorants, including glitter are biodegradable. We use cellulose based glitters. No microplastics here! 

Most of our product development, testing and production methods use reusable materials, avoiding single use paper and plastic products, where appropriate. Of course, hygiene is of utmost importance and so single use products may be used where appropriate. But for the most part, I rely on materials such as glass, cotton microfiber, reusable plastic, food grade silicone, and stainless steel for development, production and cleaning. 

As much of our shipping packaging is derived from recycled materials as can be done reasonably while also maintaining hygiene, structure integrity and product protection. 

We're looking to move to completely biodegradable, plant derived plastic packaging for products that have "discardable" packaging with fully biodegradable labels for all products. We are currently in a transition phase, as we use up current supplies, but aim to have all discardable packaging be biodegradable by 2025.

It's a bit tricky managing quality, safety, hygiene, cost and eco-friendliness and we are doing the best we can while always, always prioritizing your safety and the quality of our products. 

Custom Orders

I allow for a certain number of custom orders throughout the year.
Acceptance of a custom order request depends on the nature of the request and availability of materials and time. 

I offer the following custom options:

Custom Products (Soaps, Scrubs, Linen Sprays, Lotions)
Is there a particular combination of product, scent, and color that you don't see? Are you interested in a scent concept that we don't currently offer?
Then a custom-made product may be for you!

Please note the following for custom product orders:

  • Custom product orders have a minimum order of 50 pieces. This is due to the cost of development, materials, and consultation and creation time. 
  • Cost is dependent on the nature and complexity of the request. Cost is determined after accepting the order and an initial consultation.
    • Custom product orders require a 50% deposit on mutual agreement of the order and the remainder due when the order is complete before shipping. 
    • Custom product orders include an initial 30-minute consultation and unlimited email messaging. 
  • I will NOT recreate scents or products that are currently being manufactured, produced, or sold by any other company. This is non-negotiable. 

Custom Fragrance Blending
If you are interested in having me blend a custom scent for you, let's talk!

Please note the following for custom fragrance orders:

  • There is a minimum order of 20oz of fragrance.
  • The fragrance you will receive is in a concentrated oil form. It CANNOT be applied to the skin directly and must be diluted and/or used in another medium. 
    The fragrance can be diluted into a form suitable for skin use at an additional cost. The cost will depend on the medium you chose.
    Currently, I can do dilutions in perfumers' alcohol, unfractionated coconut oil, or jojoba oil.
  • There is no limit to number of notes in your scent, but cost will be dependent on the complexity of the scent, as well as components used.
    Certain components are more costly than others.
  • Cost is determined after accepting the order and an initial consultation.
    • Custom product orders require a 50% deposit on mutual agreement of the order and the remainder due when the order is complete before shipping. 
    • Custom product orders include an initial 30 minute consultation and unlimited email messaging. Changes to the order after the consultation will incur additional cost. 
  • ALL of my fragrance components are paraben and phthalate free, vegan, don't use animal testing and are ethically sourced. Always.
  • You may use the fragrance in products you intend to sell, but the fragrance may not be advertised or implied to be created by you, and you may not resell the fragrance as is. Specific credit to Doom Witch Soaps is not required. 
  • I absolutely will not recreate a scent that is currently or has been made by another party or company. This is non-negotiable. 

Fragrance Development Consultation
Are you interested in blending your own custom fragrances and don't know where to start? Let's chat!
I am open to consultation on custom fragrance development, whether you are just starting or have a specific idea in mind.

Some things to note for fragrance development consultations:

  • All consultations are done virtually, using zoom.
  • Cost is dependent on the time of the consultation. There is a minimum session length of 30 minutes. 
    • Cost for consultation is as follows:
      • First 30 minutes - $30
      • First 60 minutes - $50
        If your consultation is more than 30 minutes but less than 60, it will be rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.
      • After the first 60 minutes - $15/15 minutes
    • A $30 deposit will be required upfront, with the additional cost invoiced after the session is over.
  • The more information you have regarding your concept or concerns, the better I can help you. To optimize your time and get the most out of your session, I highly recommend having your concept, questions, and what you hope to get out of the session documented or prepared.
  • There are no limitations as to what you may do with the information gained during your consultation, however, I will not consult, guide, or assist in the recreation of fragrances by any other individual or company. 
  • I reserve the right to end the consultation at any time if I think the session is being used for recreation of an existing fragrance, or if the session becomes abusive.
    There will be no refund for cancellation for these reasons. 
  • Consultations are done only on Saturdays.

If you are interested in any of the custom order options, send me a message through the contact us form, or am email at

Wholesale and Private Label Products

I am not doing wholesale or private label products at this time.